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Makeup trends for summer/spring 2014

Purple makeup
The look: Orchid, lilac and lavender shades are invading your makeup bags. The coolest way to tackle the trend is with eyeshadow, but wearing purple washes on your lips and tips is another option.

Bright orange lips

The look: From neon to coral, orange tones make loud mouths cool this season. The easiest way to wear bright lip colour is with a chunky glide-on pencil.

Graphic eyeliner

The look: This season liner has gone graphic with straight flicks and angular shapes. This makes the retro obsession instantly more modern, but still super-sexy.

Golden glows

The look: Gorgeous, day-glow golden is the way to look tanned this year. 

Aquatic eyes

The look: Blue eyes are as bold as you like this season. It’s a continuation from 2013 when the trend returned, but this season there’s something for everyone from subtle liner to blocks of shadow.


  1. Love your illustrations, and love the orange lips for summer.

    Fabulous 30s

    1. Thank you! Yeah and it's amazing. I think that orange is the new red, it's perfect for every skin type.

  2. Nice illustraiton. Love the orange lips so yummy.
    Thnks for your comment on my blog. Just follow me via GFC and I'll follow right back.

    xx Lori


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