Classy Vs. Trashy

Avoid getting caught up in trends! 
Define yourself with a clean and elegant look! 
Do not look like you were partying the night before! 
Get your look together before you leave the house!
Do not wear overly provocative clothes!
Have great posture!
Do not curse! 
Praise people behind their backs! 
Do not be the loudest person in the room! 
Do not talk about how much class you have! 
Avoid burping in public! 
Have proper cell phone etikuete! 
Be authentic! 
Be independent! 
Be knowledgeable and aware!

Dress like you do not care! 
Put whatever in your hair! 
Be detached and roll your eyes! 
Drink and party!
Have fun and do not care what the others think! 
Pick a nice, family approved role model and twist him / her upside down!


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